Russ Schleipman, quite literally has held the world in his hands. He is a man's man with a sense of presence that only the J Peterman's catalogue could accurately depict. A cross between Indiana Jones and Sir Edmond Hillary, Russ is an adventurer, a scholar, and a gentleman.

From a family of both artists and science-minded individuals, young Russ took his first images using a vintage box camera. His appreciation of majestic vistas began in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts and Vermont.

An artistically fertile childhood combined with the luck of a mentor in Adrian Bouchard (the staff photographer at Dartmouth), Russ developed a well-honed passion for places and things. Graduating from Dartmouth, with a degree in Geography (of course), his first professional job was on location in Alaska. Since, he has been to virtually every continent in the world, save for Antarctica.

He has weathered the ominous and fickle climate of New Zealand, manifesting in a campaign for Timberland. He trekked the mountains of Kunming in the Yunnan Province for a series on Buddhist monks. His romantic French landscapes landed him a lengthy tour of the finest French gourmand haunts, resulting in a campaign for the National French Tourism Association. The Boston Globe sent him up the side of Kilimanjaro for their readers' delight. And, he has crossed the Sahara desert several times in search of the elusive Tuareg nomads just for the sake of posterity.

Please note: All of Russ' images are real. There are no compilations or combining of images... or special effects used; no "Photoshopping" of anything other than colour correction. Russ' images are exactly as he witnessed, which we feel gives him deserving kudos.

Many of his clients point to where they want it shot and let him go... safe in the knowledge he will return with sublime souvenirs of the adventure.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, and French.

Favourite things:
His son.
His 87 year-old father.
A hot shower, after not having one for two weeks.